Tenfold A/W12 Lookbook shoot

Tenfold A/W12 Lookbook shoot

Check out their FB page here.
Tenfold A/W12 Lookbook shoot

Check out their FB page here.
Delinquents and overnight sleepers

lisa x

childish uniformity. 
collarbones and tiny dogs. 
suburban dreams and slow afternoons. 
milk and ice-cream. 


Strawberries, and add your own cream ;-)

Body & Balance.
Zen & Clouds.
- Seth Cray -

Seth is always a fun/ hectic person to work with. Yesterday was crazy, waking up at obscene hours and driving under harsh winds and rain. (Up and down the steep Perth hills, mind you!)

I've been photographing his garments on various models for the past year. His pieces may not be liable for everyday wear or if you're looking for something comfortable, but they show some sort of aesthetic which is untainted and are, integrally, an art piece. His pieces reflect what he aims for- he gracefully screws all trends that are around and exposes to viewers his unique out-take on a fashion + art theme.

The top two photos are most possibly my favourite from the shoot.  With a wonderful location and model it was hard to choose.

I love, love candid photos (if you haven't already noticed)- the first is Seth fitting our model Tash. The second is Tash modelling my most favourite piece out of the nine garments.

P,s it's Tash's birthday today! Happy birthday Tash x


jumping for many joys at the moment...

exams will start and be done with soon!
father is back!
projects piling up for summer!
meeting new peoples!



Halloween is creeping up- Lisa and I are organising a spook-ta-cular night.
Possibly main thing on my mind for past days ... and it really shouldn't be. 
ghouls, eyeballs, cauldrons with deathly potions, full moons, cats and crosses



"Forget about it, I willed my brain. Leave that for tomorrow as well. But the chances of tomorrow being an improvement on today were, unfortunately, slim. 
Gloomy thoughts weren't going to get me anywhere, I decided, and closed my eyes. I soon fell into a deep sleep."

unluck- james blake

model: hannah jane peters

raw and rustic '11

I took these photos a fair while ago, been plastered all over Facebook but never on this blog. I have so, so many photos that fit under that category. I think I'm gonna stop the blogging spree that I've been on tonight... Been a clean break from all the reports/ essays/ assignments I have been completing for mid sem uni assessments.
Back I go ...

Collaboration project in progress

Good morning lovely earthlings.

Two of friends own a little clothing online store called Tenfold Apparel. They make simple and comfortable threads for mostly for the male type (but girls- feel free to rock out with the whole androgynous/ sk8ie look). I have a surprise for everyone very, very soon. Mohi, Scott and I have been working on something super cool and will be released in the next few weeks! Yay :) But for now, check out their a/w 11 line that they released a few months ago. They are still new to the game but doing great at it already.

This is their Facebook page and this is their Tumblr.
Go like to support and follow their quirky little brand!

Lots of Love xxx p,s will update/ upload more photos very soon!
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