Today I decided to bail from lectures, essays and returned marks to pick up laybys and magazines in town. This pair were standing in the center of a mall in the city, with the hundreds of bodies in lunch rush of town brushing, pushing and flitting past. Since Ben from Perth Street Fashion was also asking me for some photos I decided to ask them for a photo. It was like they were waiting for it!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

hi Annie
love your blog
your photos are killing me(!!)
so good (+ diverse in style: what I like)
... the guy in the red jumper is so cool!!
- George

annnie said...

Hi there George,

thank you so much! :D
Yeah I agree, he did look like the model type, and then when it was put up on the FB page- my friend told me she knew him and that he's going overseas soon for modelling or something :)
Shows how small Perth is!

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