11/06/11 12:04A.M

Usually, I detest photos with pastelly levels with natural, soft tones. 
It's too hipsterey for me. Seth, Tasha, and myself braved the mean, cold winter airs 
at 8.30 this morning down at Swan River in Bayswater. Poor Tash had to actually enter the 
water thresholds, AND she has a cold! I will post the water/ river photos up 
later on- I really should be studying.

Oh, and the shoot was for Seth's end of semester fashion review.


anisha said...

really nice photo :)

annnie said...

Thankyou :)x

. said...

thanks for the comment! And you're the first person to ever get hungry from my blog name haha. I love your photos, they look amazing! I wish you could be my photographer ;]


annnie said...

Heheh, if you lived in Perth I would totally take your photos for you, I am lacking in models :(


Georgia said...

Your photography is amazing! Almost dream-like in a way, I absolutely adore it.


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