Candid photographs of my beautiful friend Ashleigh. Lighting was very hard to work with, at QiQin's house, all this overcast crap.

We were just shooting some (actually a lot) of items of clothing for a vintage/ recycled clothing page that two other friends and I also have. Either/ or is getting a new makeover and since it's uni break Dorafa and I (Lisa's currently in China) are putting new stuff up as well!


ponynamedlucifer said...

Aww, I love your photography. Your pictures are so sensual. Follow you now ;)

Eva & Anna said...

Thanks for your reaction! (:
Would you follow us back please?
Thanks! X

olivias-pizzaz said...

omg these photos are beautiful!! I want her hair!! Love your photography!!

annnie said...

Thank yous :) x

BrigitaO said...

really nice photos!

t.g.s said...

everything about that first photo is perfection
so definitive of candid
well done

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