Body & Balance.
Zen & Clouds.
- Seth Cray -

Seth is always a fun/ hectic person to work with. Yesterday was crazy, waking up at obscene hours and driving under harsh winds and rain. (Up and down the steep Perth hills, mind you!)

I've been photographing his garments on various models for the past year. His pieces may not be liable for everyday wear or if you're looking for something comfortable, but they show some sort of aesthetic which is untainted and are, integrally, an art piece. His pieces reflect what he aims for- he gracefully screws all trends that are around and exposes to viewers his unique out-take on a fashion + art theme.

The top two photos are most possibly my favourite from the shoot.  With a wonderful location and model it was hard to choose.

I love, love candid photos (if you haven't already noticed)- the first is Seth fitting our model Tash. The second is Tash modelling my most favourite piece out of the nine garments.

P,s it's Tash's birthday today! Happy birthday Tash x

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